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Les Talents De Votre Avenir

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Soft skills : la clé d’une intégration réussie

A la difficulté de recruter dans un contexte de concurrence accrue, d’attirer les meilleurs talents, s’ajoute un autre problème souvent sous-estimé par un grand nombre d’entreprises : retenir ces talents.   Une statistique est éloquente : seuls 72 % des recrutements externes sont des succès.

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We take in charge the entire mission:

· Context and position definition: to provide an external vision and a pragmatic expert opinion to analyze the context, identify the content of the position to be filled, study its coherence with the company's ecosystem, its integration and its impact up on the organization, its feasibility.

· Description of the profile, targeting and identification: we propose to validate the ideal profile, then a list of target companies relevant to guide our research. This indicative list does not exclude our usual and trademak "out of scope" search. The identification phasis then allows to sharp and focus in the approach. 

· Qualification: we are searching identified candidate individually and their professional career is qualified during a phone call of about twenty minutes. This phase allows us to understand their own professional project and to measure their motivation for mobility.

· Individual interviews: we interview a selection of identified and qualified profiles in face-to-face to deepen their project and their career path, validate the adequacy of their personality and ensure compatibility with the function and the company.

· Presentation: we then present a short-list composed of 3 to 4 qualified candidates, adjoined with a personalized and detailed file.

· Conclusion: we assist the company and the future partner in the crucial phase of the offer proposal, the contract preparation, the agreement constitution... then we help the future titular during his departure and resignation.

· Integration monitoring: we then folow-up the newcomer during his first months in the position, by regular individual meetings with him, his manager and the Human Resources department of the company.

COACHING of management teams

We are fully dedicated to allow to use the better leverage effect of collective intelligence within teams and organizations:

  • By revealing and raising awareness about actual relationship system within the collective,

  • By relying on the “unique operative mode”, specific for each leading team.


  • Develop an efficient and sustainable synergy,

  • Enhance flexibility, creativity and efficiency,

  • Capitalize on the deep strengths of the group,

  • Bring out the meaning and the shared vision of the collective,

  • Transform conflict into positive energy and power of respect, commitment and trust,

  • (Re)interest in working together and positivity in relationships.



1- Assessment of how the team operates :

Individual interviews and / or questionnaires with the manager and each member of the team.

2 - Analysis and conception of the action :

Adaptation of the intervention to the team’s profile and context.

3 - Seminar (co-animated) : the manager and the team

Reveal the real functioning of the set and show implicit relational games,
Sanitize the situation if necessary
Mobilize the team positively on concrete actions they choose.

4 - Debriefing : 
Manager and Coach, recommendations and action plan (operating protocols).

5 - Support of the team in the time :

2 hours / month during 6 to 9 months in order to optimize and rhythm actions by energizing the group until its autonomy.


Discover our areas of expertise:



Human Resources

  • Human Resources Director

  • Recruitment and Sourcing Director

  • Director Training and Human Development

  • Social Management Control

  • Director HRIS

  • CEO - Country Manager 

  • General manager

  • General secretary

  • Direction of transformation

Safety & Security




Marketin& Commerce

Digital & IT

  • Marketing Direction

  • Group leader

  • Marketing Manager

  • Relationship Marketing

  • Fundraising

  • Country, Region and Cluster Sales Director

  • Strategic Account Manager

  • Export Zone Manager

  • Judicial direction

  • General Counsel

  • ComplianceDirection / Compliance Department

  • Director of Safety

  • Director of Security

  • Director of Protection and
    DPO-CIL data

  • Production Director

  • Industrial Director

  • Site Director

Fontions recrutement Ad&So
  • E-commerce Director

  • Director of the Information Systems

  • Head of Information Systems Security RSSI


secteus d'activités recrutement Ad&So
Services, Transportation, Logistics
  • Luxury and cosmetics

  • of production

  • aerospace, automotive

  • plastics and packaging

  • construction

  • Alimentary

  • Inedible

  • Specialized

  • DIY


Since Ad&So creation, almost 20 years ago, we operated
more than 1,200 recruitment

97% of successful recruitments followed-up

87% of our active customers trust us for more than 12 years

Today 75 to 85 recruitments per year
  in France and around Europe

Corporate Access


Ad&So, talents of your future


Our values : to accompany you, with perseverance ... until your success



Ad&So is born with our leader’s vision: in heavy weather, it is more important than ever to be confident on men and women reliable and committed, able to meet the challenges faced by the company.

It's in the storm you recognize the quality of the skipper.

 However, despite the deployment of social networks, it is more difficult than ever to identify, qualify and select, then to convince those you will entrust the development of your business.

 At Ad&So, we commit all our energy to your satisfaction,

  Since 1995, Ad&So Associates help you to define the abilities and skills you really need, both in France and abroad.
  They then seek the talents that will make the difference with the challenges the future of your business depends.

More than identifying men and women, our mission is to accompany them also in the important decision to take on the new challenge that the company offers them.
Beyond skills and abilities, we evaluate the components of success: managerial courage, perseverance, team-spirit and authenticity, as well as their ability to deliver and integrate a new environment.

The integration monitoring allows us to precisely measure the adequacy, reactivity and adaptation capacities of the new employee, and its major competitive strengths.
If we make a large contribution to the choice of recruited manager, it is his own leadership skills that will enable him to take the bring to the path of success.

Laurent Bénech

5 specialized practices by function

Leaded by partners who have created and run different companies, Ad&So is dedicated to direct approach recruitment and to the development of managers. It is organized into 5 entities specialized by function, each operating in all economic sectors & activities.



                                      works on the C-level positions of the ExCom: the General Management, Sales                                              and Marketing Department, the Human Resources Department,

                                      Safety and Security, Transformation ...



                                        on the Administration and Finance Department, Audit, Management Control,                                            Consolidation, ...


                                        on the digital positions, computer security, data protection ...

                                        on the recruitment of the Tax and Legal Departments,


working alongside the ExCom and management teams to align their efficiency.

executive search




  • Administrative and Financial Director

  • Director of Management Control

  • Reporting & Consolidation

  • Tax Director

Notre équipe

Our Team

Ad&So : the professionals Alliance to back human development within the company


Ad&So - Laurent Bénech
Laurent Bénech 
Ad&So Founder
Ad&So - Philippe Fournier
Philippe Fournier 
Ad&So Consulting
Dominique Josnin 
Ad&So Finance
Ad&So - Dominique Josnin

Our other partners

Ad&So - Béatrice Guillemain
Ad&So -Grégoire Bertin
Ad&So -Grégoire Bertin
Béatrice Guillemain
Sens & paroles
Communication consulting, strategic speaking
Grégoire Bertin
Ad&So legal
Marc-Philippe Dubreuil

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Where to find us :

30 avenue de Messine

75008 Paris, France


​Phone :  +33 (0)1 40 72 54 20

Metro station: Monceau, Miromesnil, Saint-Augustin 

Bus: 22, 28, 30, 32, 43,

        80, 84, 94


Parking : 

Parking Haussmann
155 boulevard Haussmann, 75008 Paris

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